Can Our Pets Be Soul Mates?

Anyone who knows me at all should know the answer to this question. Yes!!! Yes, of course they can. Have you ever had a pet console you when no other person in the world could ever understand or reach you? Have you ever given aid to a helpless creature even though it couldn’t verbally ask you?

Every being has a soul. A little spark of God living inside of them. It is common knowledge that humans have souls. This attributes to a certain facet of our personalities, preferences and personal motivations. Allow yourself to be open to the possibility that animals also have souls, that are every bit as precious and unique as any human’s.

Watch the bird in flight and know it has a destination and a specific reason for it’s travel. Whether for food, shelter or otherwise. Watch them play in the water and with each other in the air and see them experiencing fun and joy. You can see the same in all living beings. Pets are people, with wants & needs and personalities and preferences. They are strongly connected with The Divine and are extremely perceptive of the extrasensory. Your dog doesn’t like that person because he senses their negative energy and can actually hear the train of thought and intention.

Look at your pet with new, open eyes. Do you realize he is not “less” than you? He is not “better” than you either. He is another companion soul living his full life experience right there with you. He has all the same wants, needs and inclinations that you have… but he has no voice to speak with and you cannot hear him. Pay attention to what gets him excited and do plenty of that. If you notice them withdrawn, invite them to spend time on your lap for some special attention. Our pets can teach us a lot if we pay attention and work with them.

Imagine the grimy dog looking for scraps near the dumpster in the parking lot. He looks rough and maybe you are afraid to walk too close. He is unpredictable, who knows what he will do? Do you realize he is not “less” than you? He is simply living the best life he can manage. You can give him space but think kind thoughts and send him love so that he knows you wish him no harm.

You can never truly have a soulmate until you recognize the soul within every living being. Nonny is my feline companion and my soul mate. I didn’t even know that was possible until we found each other. Now I realize there’s no denying such a concept exists. It should be talked about more. Animals hold such healing energy. They soothe emotions and shift frequencies to literally heal ailments in the humans that they love. Sometimes this can even be to the detriment of the animal. But they love us this much.

Me and Nonny

I’ll share some more cool stories about Nonny soon. How she has saved me more times than I can count. How I’ve saved her as well. I’d love to hear about your animal soulmates and how special they are in your lives, past or present.

After you read this, look into your pet’s eyes. Smile. And say hello to the little person in there. Let them know you’re excited to have this life adventure with them as a companion. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Believe me, they feel the same way.

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