Spiritual Awakening: Walking the Path Alone

Being the only person in your physical life that has experienced spiritual awakening is not an uncommon struggle. Being the first of the people you know is very common. As the first to awaken, you are the seed of light that is called to illuminate the map of your life. Whatever and whomever are placed upon your path, they are touched by your own unique energetic frequency. This creates a ripple of waves that roll throughout the Universe and across all dimensions.

You don’t see this happening. You may not know. But it is there. We see it. We receive a tiny piece of that ripple effect. The stronger and farther the signal, the more of an impact it may have.

Are you spreading light? Are you allowing your light to be dimmed in some way? Are you triggered into reaction, instead of using love to heal? Be honest with yourself.

Child, do you not see that these things are mere tests? Lesson that you yourself have written into your own life blueprint to test your own faith, morality, compassion, understanding, integrity, strength, resilience and character. At the core of your being, you know who you are.

Celebrate your own strength at the conclusions of the battles and challenges in your life. Applaud yourself for enduring them and for holding onto who you are even in the midst of the struggles of life.

If you successfully navigate the life lesson on the highest path, you will move forward to the next level of your evolutionary process. If you do not succeed on the highest path, the lesson will be reframed and will repeat itself within your experience. Successfully navigating and therefore “mastering” the life lesson, frees the individual to exit the programming of that specific lesson model. It is not uncommon for some lesson models to remain active for an entire human lifespan, for you are always learning and continuously growing in a very real evolutionary way.

It is not uncommon to stray or wander from the highest path at various points during the human life journey. Never forget, you are always connected, by Divine tether, to the Great Source, who resides within you. When you feel like you have gone astray from your highest path, stop and recognize that all experiences are rich with value and honored by the Great Source. For the Great Source also lives within you and experiences all things with you and through you, with love.

When you find yourself struggling, trying to endure, know that the Great Source, the God Source within you struggles and weeps with you. When you find yourself bursting with love and at great emotional heights, know that the God Source within you leaps with joy and shines through ever so brightly. No matter who you are, where you go, or what you do, the Great Source experiences everything with you. God is a part of you in this way and never leaves you.

So, where will you take God today? What will you show the Great Source now that you know that the Great Source is so intimately aware of you? You can ask God to ease your thoughts, calm your emotions, heal your body. You can direct God to speak through your actions, by intentionally aligning each action with love. God is love. Love can be found in all things. By intentionally focusing on love, acting in loving ways and doing your best to shift towards the higher love aspect in all situations, you will skyrocket the spiral of your personal evolutionary ladder.

Love & Light

-channeled writing: < Panthos, Arcturian Light Being

Published by Spirit Speaks

A Spiritual Teacher residing in California.

One thought on “Spiritual Awakening: Walking the Path Alone

  1. This is such a timely message! I needed these reminders that it’s not only ok to be human and fall short of my expectations, it’s part of the journey. Thank you.

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