Meeting My Guides – Madame Sun/Solus

The very next Guide that came into my awareness showed up as a crimson red (you guessed it) dot during meditation. She was a little more flitty & flirty and I saw the red dot several times in many different places before I was ever able to make any kind of connection or identification on my end. I even began seeing the red dot here & there in my peripheral vision during regular day times, with my eyes open, which struck me as odd. But, being new to all things metaphysical and completely okay with the idea of being insane, I accepted it for whatever it was, took note of it and kept on going.

I was enjoying all these new magical experiences in my life. I was fascinated by everything. It was all so real to me. But, also kind of like a puzzle where you pick up clues on different days, at different times and you learn inside what fits together & what doesn’t. You piece together the personalities of these various entities based on a compilation of all of your interactions with them.

I learned that the reason this sneaky little red dot can appear in my meditations, but also pop into my 3D waking vision is because of the nature of this entity. I decided to pursue the red dot in another meditation. I connected with the Earth & with Source, as my usual practice and opened my mind to the red dot, inviting it to come closer. I was curious and wondering what it may have been. I’d already learned from Lizbet that the tiniest speck of light can be something amazing, if you are open to it. So I waited for the red dot.

I was pretty good at getting myself into the state and was alert in my mind, waiting for the crimson dot, when it appeared. It flitted here and there, as if teasing me in jest, while I tried to fix my clairvoyant “eyes” on it and then pop! She was there. A bright crimson flame, so solid so real, so life sized, my sized! A red crimson flame with tattered edges…. No… it’s a dress. And wings! It’s a beautiful fairy woman with fair, fair skin & bright red hair. Big, puffy ringlets, all done up. She looked like a queen to me. A fairy queen! Her dress, hair, lips and wings were all the same color. The same crimson red. The red that was her dot.

She was slender and feminine and sexy, yet cool and collected. She was regal. I asked for her name. “Sun.” But with her unusual Faery accent I couldn’t tell if she said Sun or Son. I asked her to clarify. A clairvoyant picture slammed into me so suddenly that it’s all I could see for a moment. It was the sun with all it’s bright blinding rays. I thanked her for the clear communication and asked if there was a prefix or something to her name. May I call you “Madame Sun, cuz you’re such a lady or do you prefer Sun?” “It makes no difference to me. Whatever you wish.” I thanked her and have resumed calling her Madame Sun whenever she appears to me in her dress & fairy form.

I learned quite quickly that Madame Sun was only the feminine half of a two-fold guidance system. She is one of my guides & is the fairy incarnation here on the Earth that is the divine counterpart to the Fairy God Solus (God of the Sun). Solus is the masculine energy that I feel & sense differently between the two guides & they come in separate times but they assure me that they are one in the same, just two separate packages. In the rare moments that I have experienced the two together, I can see why they normally shield me from that, because the energy is so incredibly high vibe it knocks my socks off!

Later, I was recanting the experience to my oldest daughter who I had shared all of these weird new experiences with so far. She surprised me by her perspective. She said “Mom, don’t you think it’s funny that this new guide, Madame Sun or whatever, didn’t really care how you addressed her? But your OTHER guide Lizbet, was very particular about HER name & corrected you out loud and in writing to make it clear? It mattered to her.”

“Huh. Yeah. That is weird. I guess every Spirit is just as individual as every person huh?” I hadn’t even thought of that. It still makes me chuckle. It’s little things like that. Those little anomalies, distinctions, subtle differences between each experience that proves to me, time and time again, how real this really is. And I am so incredibly grateful to God that this is my life.

I closed this chapter there and shut off my laptop. I went to sit on my couch & watch the Superbowl game on TV when something out the huge living room window caught my eye. I caught sight of a crimson red ball gown & fairy wings flash behind my PT Cruiser, parked way down my driveway, on the outside of my gate near the end of my property line where the street begins. Letting me know she’s still very present and thanking me for my acknowledgement for her here. There are a lot of trees there in the area where I just saw her. I’ve sensed elemental guards there before, too. I live on 3 acres of nothing much in particular. There is usually grass, unless it’s the dry season, then a lot of foxtails. We have trees & bushes & animals. We have many pets. large & small, plus birds, lizards, frogs etc. And fairies, many, many fairies! I joke that I live on an animal farm. But we also have a fairy portal somewhere, although I’m okay not to know exactly where. I’ve seen the energetic gridlines light up in front of my eyes right here inside my home, running through my walls & down the front lawn like a hologram. I am astounded by this magical world.

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