What Your Nose Knows

Did you know that if you stare at someone’s nose during a regular conversation, they cannot tell you aren’t making direct eye contact with them? This may help people who have social anxiety or trouble maintaining eye contact for whatever reason. To assert your own space, place and boundaries within the interaction, it is absolutelyContinue reading “What Your Nose Knows”

Spiritual Awakening: Walking the Path Alone

Being the only person in your physical life that has experienced spiritual awakening is not an uncommon struggle. Being the first of the people you know is very common. As the first to awaken, you are the seed of light that is called to illuminate the map of your life. Whatever and whomever are placedContinue reading “Spiritual Awakening: Walking the Path Alone”

Meeting My Guides – Madame Sun/Solus

The very next Guide that came into my awareness showed up as a crimson red (you guessed it) dot during meditation. She was a little more flitty & flirty and I saw the red dot several times in many different places before I was ever able to make any kind of connection or identification onContinue reading “Meeting My Guides – Madame Sun/Solus”

Meeting My First Spirit Guide

Early in my Awakening process, I became aware of my Spirit Guides. By now, I have already experienced several different guides and work with them in cycles & spurts depending on my own needs & circumstances. Everyone has a team of guides working with them, all the time. We just may not be consciously awareContinue reading “Meeting My First Spirit Guide”