What Your Nose Knows

Did you know that if you stare at someone’s nose during a regular conversation, they cannot tell you aren’t making direct eye contact with them? This may help people who have social anxiety or trouble maintaining eye contact for whatever reason. To assert your own space, place and boundaries within the interaction, it is absolutely safe to stare at the schnoz. They won’t know the difference and you’ll appear unintimidated and rather engaged with your conversation partner.

Did you know that if you want to do the most damage to a person’s face you would want to punch them square in the nose as hard as you can and aim your punch at an imaginary target BEHIND their head. Like you are gonna punch right through it. Yes. I know, it seems vicious. Unless you are an undercover mortal combat character, you cannot actually punch through someone’s head. But you’ll do the most damage… if ever necessary, with that intention. Punching someone square in the nose has the potential to break their nose, cause it to bleed, black both eyes, break or knock out teeth and even fracture other smaller bones in the face. It’s very painful. This also depends upon the size of the fist, the force of the blow, and absolutely the strength of the nose on the receiving end.

Did you know that as a first response to a noticed toxin in your body, your nose will begin to run? Oh yes, this is the first sign you may be coming down with something or have come into contact with something in your diet or your environment that “doesn’t agree” with your system. Next time you have a sniffle, you might think twice about what your body could be indicating to you.

Did you know that the quickest way to trigger a meaningful memory is through the sense of smell? I can smell a Subway Sandwiches Shop from a mile away, because many years ago I used to work there. The smell of their fresh baked bread is imprinted on my brain and in my memory. A smell can trigger an instant connection in your mind and zap you right back into an experience, either positive or negative. It is possible for people who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to experience varying degrees of panic or anxiety from accidentally coming into contact with a smell that they connect with their original PTSD experience.

Clairalience, meaning clear – smelling or psychic smelling, although dubbed a part of the “6th sense” is actually just your regular old smeller working at it’s finest. You don’t have to be psychic or a medium to smell from the world of Spirit. And clairalience is one of the “psychic clairs” that you don’t have to be trained to use. It can just happen to you. Have you ever caught a scent that was out of place, and you couldn’t find the source? I’m not talking about stinky socks shoved under the bed… although, maybe if that reminds you of someone who knows you from The Other Side. Our passed loved ones, our Angels and Spirit Guides want to reach us and brighten our day. Often times, the scent is here and then gone, with no clear indication of the source. This can be baffling! If you catch a whiff of your husband’s cigarette smoke or your grandmother’s perfume, identify who (in spirit) that this may belong to. And say hello back! Thank them for their visit. They will be just as thrilled that you’ve finally noticed them coming through for you.

The nose can warn us of impending danger and protect us from spoiled food or a toxic environment. This is the first point of oxygen entering the body to sustain our life breathe. It filters any dust, debris or dander from entering further within our physical vessels. The tinge of scent can invite us or repel us. A strong scent, like fire can be an urgent warning. You better believe I will NOT eat anything that I haven’t sniffed first. If it doesn’t smell appetizing, I refuse to eat it. My nose lets me know that this won’t agree with me before I even ingest it. And yours can, too.

Phrases like “I can only see as far as my nose”, “something smells fishy about this” and “she looks down her nose at me” speak volumes if you’re listening. Seeing as far as your nose could mean that a person may be overwhelmed by their current circumstances, unable to find time for enjoyment or pleasure, or unable to see the bigger picture with clarity in their life. When something smells fishy, and it doesn’t sit right with you, you should probably avoid it. If someone is looking down their nose at me, it may mean I feel judged, scrutinized or thought to be “less than” somehow. Words speak volumes. Pay attention to the words that people use. Pay attention to the words that you are using as well.

In Spirituality, the nose can symbolize a person’s boundaries. This can be the boundary center, if you will. When emotions are internalized and not expressed or the circumstances which caused these emotions addressed, it can impact and affect your physical body. Here are a few ways your nose can speak to you about what it knows and some questions you may want to ask yourself:

Nose mucous can indicate the need to be rid of something. What am I ingesting that is not of my highest good? What am I allowing in my life or in my environment that I really prefer to do without? Is there something or someone lingering in your life that you just cannot stand? Am I experiencing a dangerous, toxic or distasteful situation? Do I feel like circumstances are beyond my control? What do I need to be rid of but am having trouble cutting out of my experience? Do I need help, but no one notices? Do I feel alone, unprotected or unable to help myself?

Nose bleeds or bloody noses can indicate the lifeblood of family, livelihood and joyousness or lack thereof. A sudden bloody nose can spur the question, have a completely severed a connection in my life? Have I experienced a loss? Do I feel ignored or like the people I value do not see my worth? Do I feel unsupported by my family? Do I want to leave my home? Do I want someone else to leave?

A dry nose says I do not wish to share my emotions with the outer world. Do I express my healthy love to others? Do I allow others to love me? Am I keeping myself guarded from love or from others?

A stuffy nose can stem from the inability to accept rapid changes. Do I feel divinely supported? Is life moving too fast and I can’t seem to keep up? Can I accept myself, my life and my circumstances as they truly are? Do I value myself?

A broken nose can indicate serious a sudden crashing halt in life, inability to compromise or an impairment of conflict. Questions to ask yourself – who the heck punched me in the nose? And why? Also, what is not working in my life right now? Who has overstepped my boundaries? In what areas? In what areas do others need to respect me? In what areas do I need to respect others?

And last but not least, a nose “tickle” can also be the sense of your spirit team wanting to connect with you or even channel through you. I know of many Spiritual readers who experience this sensation during their evidential practices.

This is not an inclusive list and I’m not a medical doctor of any kind. If you feel you need a doctor, please use your free will and good judgement to obtain whatever services you may need. I only wrote this blog post to open your mind, expand your awareness and maybe make you laugh a little bit.

Many blessings friends.

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A Spiritual Teacher residing in California.

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