Meeting My First Spirit Guide

Early in my Awakening process, I became aware of my Spirit Guides. By now, I have already experienced several different guides and work with them in cycles & spurts depending on my own needs & circumstances. Everyone has a team of guides working with them, all the time. We just may not be consciously aware of them.

I have guides that specialize in different areas. And some that are only here to help me on specific parts of my journey. Others that have been with me always & will stay with me always. I also have a deep knowing that I will meet and work with even more in the future. I am open to that & welcome loving help, guidance & support from the Divine realms.

I have worked with many different guides while doing readings for other people as well. Sometimes, I receive the guide ‘AS the message’ to formally introduce someone to a member of their Spirit Team & invite a deeper connection. Sometimes, I only feel the presence of the guide because the information coming through is much more important than the entity who is presenting it. Either way, each & every person always has some form of Divine loving presence watching over them. All of us have Spirit Guides watching over us, wanting to help us, gently trying to guide us on our paths.

Although I’ve seen & experienced many different guides during my work with others, these were merely glimpses of these loving benevolent beings. There are so many different types of beings who love us & our world, some our human minds cannot even comprehend. And they vary! Even more than the lifeforms on this Planet vary.

I would like to share with you some of the different members of my own Spirit Team. Beings I’ve worked with, spoken with, beings I know. Some I’ve worked with extensively. Others, not yet or not much, but they all hold space in my field to assist me if needed. Whenever I may need them. Whenever I ask.

The first Spirit Guide that was revealed to me is actually an ancient part of myself, if you will. Now, of course, I did not know this at that time. I began seeing this beautiful lady in my dreams. I’m not one to remember ANY dreams at all, so this was noticeable. I would remember just a swoosh of an image from the night before. A beautiful lady, mid-twenties maybe, long dark hair that hung in a thick braid down to her butt. Copper sun-kissed skin tone. Intense dark eyes. Beautiful lips, teeth & gentle smile. Perfect figure. The kind of woman other women hate because they are too perfect, you know? But I didn’t hate her. I thought she was gorgeous! I thought she was beautiful. I was in awe of her. Her clothing was sparse and didn’t cover nearly enough, in my modern opinion. But I felt like she was from a different time & it fit her somehow. She was clothed in animal skins which seemed completely adequate for the climate & the lifestyle in which she lived. I just knew this somehow. She carried a long, smooth wooden staff with a spearhead at the end, for hunting & protection I’ve learned, but there were other things dangling there with feathers & stones or beads, I can’t be sure. There were also some markings or carvings on the staff that I couldn’t see well enough to really define. It’s weird because the whole dream image, every time, was tinged blue. The color blue! A very pretty blue, but even though I knew she was wearing brown or gray animal skins, they had the hue of blue about it, as did her hair, skin, everything. Like she was glowing blue from within or it was being shone on the scene I was watching. She was an ancient warrior, a high priestess in her time. She was actually pretty badass! I liked her immediately & felt honored to have her make an appearance, no matter how small, in my otherwise blank dreamtime. I caught 3 glimpses of her in fleeting, barely remembered dreams & she looked much the same each time. The first time she had her staff. The second time she had her staff & a lit torch in the other hand and seemed to be turning toward something behind her. In third, she had the staff, the torch and was turning towards the entrance to a dark cave, beckoning me to follow her in there. As her torch lit the cave entrance I could see only black nothingness, toned with the same beautiful blue hue. And then I’m awake. Drat!

At that time, I had been trying to get into a regular meditation practice. I felt like I was failing! I would attempt the meditation, get maybe 5 minutes in and fall asleep every time!!! Grrrrr, I was getting so frustrated with myself. I tried changing EVERYTHING about my meditation to encourage myself to stay awake, alert & aware, while still achieving the desired meditative state. I stopped laying down, stopped sitting in comfy chairs, intentionally sat in uncomfortable body positions, changed rooms, kept the lights on, eyes closed, eyes open, outside, in my car, at the kitchen table, ear buds, no ear buds, ear plugs, didn’t matter. I just couldn’t seem to get INTO the meditation or I got into it so comfortably that just I fell asleep. And didn’t remember SQUAT! Cuz I don’t remember much of my dreams anyway. So it isn’t like I still had “an experience.” I had nothing. Fruitless attempts! Fruitless efforts! That’s how I was feeling.

Then I heard somewhere, that it’s okay to fall asleep during your meditations. And it’s EXTREMELY common in the beginning of acquiring a meditation practice. As you begin to spiritually evolve, your energetic vibration raises. The human body may need additional time to rest and integrate the new higher vibration. Thus, when entering into the beautiful high vibration of the meditative state, it is not uncommon for the body to be instantly zapped to sleep, because the up-leveling is happening just that fast! And it continues to enhance the energy field the whole time, just as the whole intention had been to connect with the Divine during meditation. It WAS achieved. It was successful and they were healing my physical body & my whole energetic field while I was resting and receiving all of this. And, of course, I had no idea of any of this. I was disappointed with myself to say the least. I felt behind somehow. Like I was doing something wrong & if I could just get it right, I could do so much better.

I was drawn to try a guided meditation on Youtube which would invite me to meet one of my guides. I had tried guided meditations before with no success, but it occurred to me to search for a shorter video. The ones I had tried in the past had been 45 minutes to an hour. I never made it far. So, I picked a video that was 15 minutes long, guided, meet your guides. I made a big to-do about it. Told my family I was meditating & not to be disturbed. They’d heard this before so they planned to see me after my nap. I darkened my bedroom, locked the door, lit some candles & sage and settled into chosen spot. I closed my eyes, breathed, relaxed my body and followed along with the guided meditation. I was committed to staying awake & seeing this next 15 minutes through. The voice talked me down to complete physical relaxation, which was pretty easy for me to achieve by this point. And then began to take me on a visualization journey. Now that I could completely disregard my body, I was taken through twists & turns & down a set of spiral stairs, indoors, outdoors, etc. I just followed along and conjured what I was being told to experience inside my imaginal mind. I was present there in the meditation, although my mind was beginning to feel a bit groggy like I wanted to fall asleep. I swam there in my mind for a moment before I noticed a blue prick of light, like a shimmer at the corner of my mind’s vision. It was there and it was gone. But I noticed it. I looked for it again in my mind and noticed the absence of it. Then it was there again. And I’m like aha! Tiny little blue dot that I know I didn’t put there in my mind. And it gets bigger. Closer. Flutters around in my mental vision but seems to draw closer to me. I just breathe and wait. My heart is pounding because I know that something is really happening. Finally!

The blue dot gets huge & almost completely covers my clairvoyant vision and becomes thin like blue mist as it grows. A slight shift and all of a sudden, there’s this beautiful woman standing in front of me. She is wearing a long, fancy, blue gown of the same hue as the dot. Her long, dark hair falls in thick waves all around her waist, almost obscuring her slender frame. She’s dressed WAY differently, but I was certain this was the same tribal cave chick from my dreams.

“It’s you!” I yelled to her in my mind once I made the connection. She smiled such a sweet gentle smile and tilted her head in endearment toward me. I said “What is your name?” It seemed like she was trying to tell me, but no sound was coming through. I strained my psychic ears to hear anything from her. I heard little garbled blips. I continued to breathe deeply & tried to piece the blips together. Li… Li-Be… Li-Be.. ??? “Elisabeth?” Clear as day, now I hear her – “Lizbet.” She corrected me out loud. And for added benefit I saw it spelled out, written in electric ghost writing floating in the air between us. “Thank you, Lizbet. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” And, so it started…

I embraced Lizbet easily and began intentionally connecting with her. I allowed her to show me many things, in visions, in meditations and in dreams. I talked to her in my head & allowed her to answer me. Sometimes I’d get so involved I’d say something out loud & startle my family. They began to accept my newfound weirdness.

Lizbet was the guide who welcomed me into the Spiritual realm. She assures me we’re best friends on the other side. And my heart resonates with that deeply. She gave me exactly what I needed on my spiritual journey at that time. She was a confidante, a teacher, a healer, a friend. I don’t work with her nearly as often anymore, but I know she’s still around and the time will come for her to step forward and aid me more prominently again in the future. She is the ancient Earth Magick part of my soul and she is always with me.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting My First Spirit Guide

  1. Wow this is amazing and as Gina said so well written very interesting! I thought you were going to say your guide was oh man what’s that girl’s name I Ican’t remember I think it’s a name oh God I have to think of it the name that you called yourself and then you found out that that was your name in a prior life or something can’t remember the name. I almost remember it and then I can’t. I wish I could meditate like that. Simply Amazing.

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